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Say Goodbye to Complicated Prep

Transform your existing paper-based instructions into digital reminders that patients will follow.

Personalize Patient Instructions

Automatically customize each patient's instructions based on procedure time, prep type, and comorbidities.

Monitor Compliance

Quickly and easily understand if your patients are prepared for their procedure.

Identify High-Risk Patients

Intervene early with patients who aren’t completing their bowel prep and eliminate failed procedures.

Improve Outcomes

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients use Symbi to stay on top of their care and report an average satisfaction score of 4.4/5

Reduce Cancelations

A 30% reduction in cancelations and poor prep could increase annual revenue by nearly $40,000 per provider

Increase MIPS Reimbursement

Deliver value-based, patient-centric care and achieve top quality performance metrics under MIPS

Optimize QIQuIC Performance

Give your patients the tools they need for a successful prep and watch as your ADR and CIR increase

Simplify your patient's colonoscopy prep

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